Important Message Please note that OilEd is no longer supported or maintained. You are welcome to download and use OilEd, but we are unable to address any problems relating to the implementation.

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Welcome to the OilEd web site.

OilEd was an ontology editor allowing the user to build ontologies using DAML+OIL. For further details and information about DAML+OIL, consult the DAML Pages.

The initial intention behind OilEd was to provide a simple editor that demonstrated the use of, and stimulated interest in, the OIL language. The current versions of OilEd does not provide a full ontology development environment - it will not actively support the development of large-scale ontologies, the migration and integration of ontologies, versioning, argumentation and many other activities that are involved in ontology construction. Rather, it is the "NotePad" of ontology editors, offering enough functionality to allow users to build ontologies and to demonstrate how we can use the FaCT reasoner to check those ontologies for consistency.

OilEd proved very popular, with the order of 10000 downloads from the original site. It has been used within a number of companies and institutions for both teaching and research purposes.

OilEd is available as an open-source project under the GPL licence.